Legal Aid Kingston

At Blais & Rorabeck, LLP, we accept legal aid for all types of matters.

Legal Aid Ontario gives low-income people access to a range of legal services tailored to meet their legal needs.

Do you need legal help?

Legal Aid Ontario provides legal assistance for low-income people. Services include:

  • legal representation for eligible clients who appear in court without a lawyer;
  • legal aid applications and information over the phone;
  • legal resources and referrals to other social assistance agencies; and
  • a certificate program for complex and serious cases.

If Legal Aid Ontario cannot help, they will refer you somewhere that can.

Are You Eligible for Legal Aid?

To get legal aid services, your legal issue must be one that Legal Aid Ontario covers, and you must be financially eligible. Usually, this means that:

  • you have little or no money left after paying for basic things like food and housing, and;
  • your legal problem is one that is covered by LAO.

Find out more about legal aid eligibility.